KAI Alerts
What You Should Know!
You now have at your fingertips the smartest, fastest and most time-saving platform to optimally support your entire team of Business Partners and Customers.
Meet KAI
KAI stands for the Kyäni Artificial Intelligence (AI) that monitors your team and provides you with insights and quick tips to help increase your business by helping you engage with the Business Partners and Customers who need you the most.
Why You’ll Love It
You’re so busy building your team, investing in your leaders and being successful, you want to maintain your momentum. Keeping your Customers and team members engaged is a priority, and with KAI to guide you, you’ll know where to focus and drive growth—without wasting time or effort.

You’ll love how the system intuitively studies your team’s behavioral patterns and instantly notifies you when it identifies someone in need of attention.

If you consistently respond to KAI’s retention alerts, your “influencer score” will improve (something that KAI uses to determine who receives alerts) and you’ll be empowered to grow your team better than ever before. Now, imagine when everyone on your team is also taking advantage of the alerts!
How it Works

KAI consists of AI algorithms. This means it’s continually studying your team’s patterns of behavior in their Kyäni businesses, generating new data and building insights.

Then when needed, KAI sends alerts, which are friendly notifications sent directly to your mobile phone as text messages.
Your Role
KAI might do some of the predictive and analytic thinking for you, but it’s not going to pick up the phone and actually call your team or Customers. That’s why it’s up to you to leverage that insight and respond to those alerts in a timely way.
Three Simple Steps
Read the retention alert. (Make sure you’re opted in to receive the text messages.)
With KAI’s suggested action step in mind, reach out to the person to complete the recommended task.
Mark ‘DONE’ after you’ve contacted the person.
NOTE: Action steps will vary depending on the Business Partner/Customer’s situation and the most beneficial outcome. For example, enrolling a Customer, ordering more product, recruiting somebody, etc. This simply suggests the optimal action the alert recipient should take.
To help specific team members stay on the right track, simply follow the directions provided through text messages and mark ‘DONE’ when completed.
It Works, If You Use It
You decide how much you want to leverage KAI to build your business in the long-term. Think of KAI like a muscle: The more you use it and the more you train your team to use it, the stronger it becomes. And, the more successful your entire team will become.
You Have Questions, We Have Answers
To learn more about KAI (how it works, benefits, best practices, etc.), download our comprehensive FAQ.

Developed to empower Kyäni Business Partners, KAI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that instantly notifies you whenever it predicts that someone on your team needs attention. It was designed with the knowledge that when Business Partners can promptly identify and respond to their Customer’s or team member’s needs, the chances of that person continuing to order and/or experiencing success in the business increase. This creates greater and more consistent earnings for Business Partners.
Whenever KAI identifies a Business Partner or Customer who could benefit from assistance, it determines who in the team is the optimal person to help that Business Partner/Customer and then issues a KAI Alert. If you receive an alert via text message, it means that KAI recognized you as the person who can best leverage that opportunity and respond accordingly.
Ever heard that it’s cheaper to retain a Customer than acquire a new one? KAI saves you valuable time and energy by suggesting the most valuable contact you can make that day and guide you in responding to their needs. This enables you to proactively support your Customers and team and set them (and you!) up for long-term success. Imagine what you can accomplish if everyone on your team is using the alerts!
The good news is that as a Kyäni Business Partner you’re already signed up! All you need to do is to make sure you promptly act on the alerts when you receive them. If, for any reason, you’ve opted out of receiving text messages, you can always opt back in anytime by texting OPTIN to xxxxxxx.
You receive one alert at a time. Once you’ve completed an alert, the system will unlock the next alert (if there’s one waiting for you). If you don’t complete the alert within 48 hours, KAI removes the alert from your queue and escalates the task to a leader in your team. So, be sure to complete each alert by typing DONE.
Yes! Kyäni has developed KAI to help you leverage smart technology to maximize your business building efforts with your Customers and Business Partners.
The alert will provide a special phone number for the person who could benefit from your assistance. As soon as possible, follow up with a phone call or text. Make sure to use the number provided in the alert (not the one from your phone’s Contacts) so KAI can track the progress of the task. Once you’ve done so, remember to type DONE to complete the alert and unlock the next one. The more you respond to and complete the alerts, the more people you can help on your team.
Yes! As you know, each person on your team is unique—with different situations, motivations and goals. KAI is able to assess various team patterns and determine which behavioral category a person belongs to. For example, Business Partner A might be in the business just as a fun side gig, while Business Partner B depends on it for full-time income. Or maybe Customer C would be interested in certain products they haven’t tried yet. Your ways to motivate each person will likely differ. KAI recognizes these behavioral factors and recommends the ideal response action for each individual, such as helping the person order more product or earn higher commissions the next month.
After you receive the alert and click to call or text, you might be wondering what to tell them. This is how KAI’s alert messages can help you. For example, it might tell you that if you help Sue earn more commissions than last month, she has the potential to become one of your most valuable leaders in terms of increasing revenue. KAI also lets you get quick STATS on her profile and/or learn WHY you were sent this alert. This insight will enable you, as the person’s leader or mentor, to identify the ideal conversation to engage with her.
Every team is different, and so KAI needs to learn as much as it can about your specific team. The more it learns, the smarter it becomes—and the better it gets at helping you build your business. Every time you answer the questions, you help KAI look deeper into your team’s patterns of behavior and performance. It begins to see information that may not be immediately visible to the human eye and provides guidance in maximizing benefits for you, and your team.
Of course; however, remember that these alerts were designed to help build and maintain your business by focusing a few minutes of your day on assisting team members who need it the most right now. If you decide to opt out, just type OPTOUT to xxxxxx. To opt back in, type OPTIN at any time.
It’s in your best interest to complete every alert, as KAI has identified you as the person with the best chance of helping that Business Partner or Customer. Not completing an alert means passing up an opportunity to strengthen your business. If you do not complete the alert by typing DONE within the time period indicated (usually within 24 hours), you’ll receive a reminder. If you still do not respond within a day of the reminder, the alert will be rerouted and escalated to a leader in your team. Note that your leader will be informed you did not act upon the alert.
Feel free to call the person using the person’s number you already have. The key thing is to text DONE to indicate that the alert has been completed.
This FAQ answers a lot of commonly asked questions, so please first review this entire document. If you still need assistance, reach out to your upline. As a last resort, call Customer Service at 1 (844) 701-5049 or send an email to: cs.usa@kyanicorp.com.
Alerts will expire, so reach out to the person as soon as possible and then text DONE after you’ve contacted the person in the alert so the system knows you completed it.
Absolutely not. In fact, we’ve found it to be the exact opposite. Consistently using KAI and acting on the alerts can accelerate and enhance one’s typical recruiting efforts. You’re spending only a small percentage of your time responding to the alerts, which means you’re focusing more on actively recruiting. You’ve already spent a lot of time on recruiting Business Partners and enrolling Customers, so you want to do everything in your power to help them progress.